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Sick Stray Dog Transformed by Incredible Couple

The dog in this story is a true warrior. Homeless animals have so many struggles; and while it’s likely Billy would not have survived on his own much longer, he was still fighting to live. Billy was spotted by a couple while he was walking passed their house. A man, named Bill, was sitting at his computer and saw Billy outside his window. He yelled for his wife to come over and look. Bill’s wife Krista was like, “That’s not a deer! That’s a dog!”

The true story of a loyal hachiko dog that waited at train station for deceased owner

Man and his dog–it’s a friendship as old as time. Nothing quite matches the infinite loyalty and unbreakable bond between a dog and its owner. Albeit, there are countless stories in life, literature, and in the movies showcasing that there are no friends like these friends, none can compare to one dog’s love, whose story of loyalty is as heartwarming and heartbreaking as no other. None of these stories, however, quite surpass the tale of Hachiko, the dog who continually waited for his owner to return home.

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