Spinning Top Shaped UFO Filmed In Poland Ufologists Are Sure That The Pictures Are Genuine

08:54 13/05/2022

Spinning Top Shaped UFO Filmed In Poland Ufologists Are Sure That The Pictures Are Genuine

Few days ago, a resident of a polish village was riding a bicycle past a forest and suddenly saw a strange spinning top shape UFO that flew so low that it touched tree branches. He managed to take some photos before the subject disappearedbristtish UFOlogist philip mantle, who recently got unique photographs of a ufo shot in poland, is sure that all this is genuine, not a fake or a natural phenomenon.

An unuasal object is visible in the photographs, which soars above trees in wooded area at a very low height.

In all the photos that got into the press, the object was photographed in different positions, as if it were really shot in motion. The object in the photo looks like a spinning top.

According to mental, these photos were taken by an unspecified resident of Poland, who was riding a bicycle near the village of Jastrowo, near warsaw.

A rustling sound was made when an object touched tree branches in flight. The man managed to take five photos on his phone before the UFO disappeared somewhere.

From Bernatovich, these photos soon fell into the hands of british UFOlogist Philio Mantle, who decided to tell reporters about them because ” these are the best UFO photos he saw in 40 years. ” the author of the photo was afraid to indicate his name and surname.

In Poland, talking about UFOs means that people will take you for a person with mental problems” say Bernatovich.

” I’ve been working on some of the alleged UFO images for many years and most of them were either fuzzy or fake.

But these images are different” say Philip Mantle 

Mantle sent the photo for verification to former british air force officer Jason Gleaves, who considers  himself an expert in recognizing UFO photo fake. And glives found out that pothish pictures are highly likely to be authentic, because everything indicates that they actually shot some flying object.

Glives also analyzed the location of the trees, their branches, the perspective of each photo, the position of the sun, shadow and other things, and all this also confirmed his point of view on the authenticity of the photos.

The shadow of the object on the earth was not detected due to the fact that the sun was apparently behind the author of the pictures.” Gleaves specifically enlarged the fragments of the photo to see if there were any threads or other devices on which a UFO could hang if it were a fake. and also did not find anything like that. 

What do you think about this amazing spinning top shaped UFO sighting? 



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